Benefits of BRICS New Development Bank for Brazil

Francisco A. Laguna & Annapurna Nandyal

This week, we conclude our 4-part series on the BRICS’ New Development Bank (NDB), focusing on the potential benefits the NDB could offer Brazil, the only BRICS country in the Western Hemisphere.

The closest BRICS to Brazil is South Africa

The closest BRICS to Brazil is South Africa

Brazil is one of the world’s largest growing economies. In comparison to other BRICS, Brazil is seen as soft rising power rising, and it tends to be underrated: the country’s growth rate was just 3% in 2013, while China and India had 8% and 6%, respectively. Notwithstanding, Brazil is hot on the international stage: it held this year’s World Cup; it will soon be the home of the 2016 Olympics; and it hosted the 2014 Sixth Annual BRICS Summit this year. Heads of other South American states participated in the Summit for the first time, and the event turned out to be one of the region’s most significant geopolitical summits in recent history. Continue reading