United States Immigration Series Post No. 6 Glossary of Terms in US Immigration Law

Francisco A. Laguna & Annapurna Nandyal

Today we continue with our series on US immigration laws by providing a glossary of terms.

  1. Admission number or I-94 Form: The I-94 Form is an arrival/departure record issued to foreign visitors entering United States. An 11 digit number found on I-94 is known as admission number.
  1. Advance Parole: A document that allows certain aliens permission to re-enter the US without an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa after traveling abroad
  1. Alien: Any person not a citizen of United States
  1. US Consulate-General in Hamburg, Germany Photo Credit: Garitzko via Wikimedia Commons

    US Consulate-General in Hamburg, Germany
    Photo Credit: Garitzko via Wikimedia Commons

    Applicant: A non-resident alien who is applying for a visa

  1. Approval Notice: A form notice issued by USCIS indicating that a request for a stay extension of change of status has been approved
  1. AOS / Adjustment of Status: A procedure where an individual who has been admitted to the US as a non-immigrant changes his/her status to legal permanent resident
  1. Beneficiary: The individual named in a visa or adjustment of status petition to the USCIS
  1. BIA: Board of Immigration Appeals
  1. CBP / US Customs and Border Protection: The federal agency charged with securing US borders from illegal trade and entry
  1. DACA / Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals: A program allowing individuals who arrived in US before the age of 16 to remain in the country and apply for a work permit, provided they meet certain criteria
  1. DHS / Department of Homeland Security: DHS is comprised of USCIS, CBP and ICE, all agencies that regulate the flow of immigrants, visitors and workers to the US


  1. DOL: US Department of Labor


  1. DOS: US Department of State


  1. DS-156: Application Form for Nonimmigrant Visa


  1. DS 230: Application for Immigrant visa


  1. D/S: Duration of status


  1. EAD: Employment Authorization Document


  1. US Interest Section in Havana, Cuba Photo Credit: Stevenbedrick via Wikimedia Commons

    US Interest Section in Havana, Cuba
    Photo Credit: Stevenbedrick via Wikimedia Commons

    EOS: Extension of Nonimmigrant Stay


  1. E-verify: Federally created online system allowing employers to verify a worker’s work eligibility against federal databases


  1. Fiscal Year: For the US government, the fiscal year begins on October 1 and ends September 30 the following year


  1. I-9: Form I-9 is known as the Employment Eligibility Verification Form administered by USCIS; employers are required to complete a Form I-9 for every new hire to verify the new worker’s identity and work authorization in the US


  1. I-20: F-1 / M-1 Student Acceptance Form


  1. I-129: Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker


  1. I-129F: Petition for Fiancé / Fiancée


  1. I-130: Petition for Alien Relative to Obtain Green Card


  1. I-131: Application for Travel Document


  1. I-140: Petition for Employment-Based Green Card Application for Alien Workers


  1. I-485: Application for Adjustment of Status


  1. I-539: Application for Change of Nonimmigrant status or to Extend Nonimmigrant Stay


  1. US Consulate-General in Istanbul, Turkey

    US Consulate-General in Istanbul, Turkey

    I-551: Legal Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)


  1. I-765: Application for Employment Authorization Document


  1. ICE / Immigration and Customs Enforcement: federal agency in charge of investigating   violations of immigration laws


  1. INA: Immigration and Nationality Act created in 1952, consistING of basic framework of US Immigration law


  1. IR / Immediate Relative: Spouses of citizens, children (under 21 years of age and unmarried) of citizens, and parents of citizens 21 years of age or older


  1. IV: Immigration visa


  1. Labor Certification: An employer needs to file labor certificate from DOL to get permission to employ a foreign national. Based on information filed by the employer with DOL concerning the specific requirements for the position in question and that the employer cannot find a qualified person in the US to fill the position, the DOL issues a labor certification that the alien will not displace US workers or affect the wages or working conditions of US workers.


  1. LPR: Legal Permanent Resident, also known as Green Card Holder


  1. N-400: Application for Naturalization


  1. Naturalization: The process by which US citizenship is granted to a foreign citizen after meeting certain requirements as prescribed in INA


  1. NIV: Nonimmigrant Visa


  1. PPT: Passport


  1. Priority Date: The date when an individual applies for an immigrant visa petition. They must wait their turn “in line” for their petition to be reviewed.


  1. RFE: Request for Evidence


  1. TPS / Temporary Protected Status: individuals who arrive in the US on a temporary basis as a result of dangerous conditions in their country


  1. USCIS / US Citizenship and Immigration Service: The agency of Department of Homeland Security that handles applications for visas, green card and naturalization

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